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Industrial relations

The company recognizes that a cordial relation between management and employees is one of the key factors for corporate success.

The company conducts a yearly Hajj ballot for those employees who have completed 3 years of service with the company. 17 employees have performed Hajj under this scheme.

Occupational safety and health

The Health and Safety team carries out monthly audits at the factory and consequently educates the employees regarding the fundamentals of a safe working environment.


Business ethics and anti-corruption measures

The management is committed to conduct all business activities with integrity, honesty and in full compliance with the current laws and regulations. A statement of ethics and business practice has been developed and approved by the Board, which is signed by all the employees.



Contribution to national exchequer

To meet our legal and social obligation towards the development of the economy of the country, the company has contributed Rs. 2.2 billion in the FY 2011-12 into Government exchequer on account of taxes, levies, excise duty and sales tax. Moreover, foreign exchange of amount USD $15.2 million was also earned for the Country from export of cement during the financial year.




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